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The free & easy way to manage orders

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Top cafes, restaurants and bars depend on Ordamatic

"We've been using Ordamatic for years and can't live without it! It's made things run so much smoother and faster for all our cafes."

"Ordamatic has made ordering quicker and easier so we’d never go back to emailing orders."

"I can easily order from multiple suppliers at once without re-typing each time, it's a great time saver."

It's free & easy to manage orders

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  • All your orders are saved – reorder with one tap
  • Save favorites to shopping lists
  • Orders get sent to the right suppliers automatically
  • Real time status updates on all your orders, from all your suppliers

Reliable, accurate orders every time

No more hassle or wasted time with phone tag, texting and emailing all your different suppliers.

All the products you order are saved in Ordamatic so you don't need to type and re-type orders ever again.

Real time order tracking

Get real time updates and notifications – from all your different suppliers, all in one place – so you know exactly when your orders are opened, processing, and shipped.

When deliveries arrive, use Ordamatic to mark shipments as correct or flag problems the supplier needs to fix. Now your accounts person can instantly see which invoices should be paid in full, and which ones have issues.

For wholesale suppliers, Ordamatic is a game changer

  • Processing times typically drop from 2-3 hours to 15 minutes
  • Daily errors typically drop from 5-15% to nearly 0%
  • Items per order typically increases 5-20%


Top wholesale suppliers depend on Ordamatic

"Our stockists love it, because it makes it so much faster and easier to order from us."

"The speed and accuracy of orders we get using Ordamatic makes our jobs so much easier and less stressful."

"By far the fastest, most accurate way to process orders, so much better than spreadsheets."

Suppliers: manage your products & orders in one place

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  • Add, change or remove any product and all your buyers are updated instantly
  • Automatically create a daily run sheet of all your orders, from all your buyers

Stop spending half your day handling garbled calls, texts and emails from all your different buyers.

Integrates with Xero for invoicing

Automatically send all your orders to Xero, where they instantly appear with the invoices already created.

Reach more buyers and grow your business

Ordamatic makes it easy for buyers from anywhere to easily find your products and order directly from you online.